Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top Ten Cloud Computing Vendors for 2016

Hello Everyone,

With the continued growth in cloud computing demand continues to rise and companies are responding to that demand.  Datamation has published their top ten cloud computing vendors for 2016.  That list is published below:

  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. IBM
  4. Google Cloud Platform
  6. Adobe
  7. Oracle Cloud
  8. SAP
  9. RackSpace
  10. Workday

It is no surprise that Amazon is on top of the list, but many others on the list are investing heavily and marketing their services aggressively to companies and government agencies.  Many of these companies offer special government only cloud offerings to help secure Federal, State and local government contracts.

Many of these companies started with more traditional software and hardware models, but have now branched out into cloud computing. makes almost all of its revenue from cloud services and has been enjoying double digit growth over the last few years.

In the early days of cloud computing many companies were mostly interested in IAAS or platform offerings from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and Google, but more and more SAAS based offerings from companies such as SalesForce, SAP and Workday have now seen tremendous growth as well.  In addition, many companies are now turning to platforms such as SalesForce as an application development platform which is opening up further opportunities for software developers.

The market for cloud computing products and services continues to grow and evolve very quickly. The companies on this list are investing heavily on new products and services and are working hard to move up the list.  Microsoft alone is investing billions annually in constructing new data centers for Azure.  With this type of competition the cost of cloud services will continue to drop and will further increase adoption rates.

Monday, August 29, 2016

New Classes on SkillShare

Hello everyone,

Earlier this month I started our first account on SkillShare and have published several of my classes on this platform.  SkillShare is a subscription based platform that has a wide variety of classes published on the platform in a number of different areas. Classes tend to be shorter on the SkillShare platform (about 30 minutes or so) and are project based.  All classes are required to have a project that students can develop during their classes and post the results.  It is a really great platform and we intend to publish more of our classes out there to reach a wide audience and give our students more options to view our content.

So we have the following classes are available:

If you are interested in the SkillShare platform, you can get a trial account and access to all of our classes and all of the classes on the SkillShare platform for 3 months for just $0.99.  This is really a great deal and a great way to give this platform a test drive.  Just click on the link below:

Myself and our other instructors will be publishing more classes on SkillShare in the next few months and we will post updates as these become available.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Become a Successful Programmer without a Degree - New Class

Hello Everyone!

Today we launched our new class Become a Successful Programmer without a Degree. With today's economy and the shortage of programmers many of our students are interesting in becoming full time programmers, but are not interested in the full time traditional college route.  It is possible to become a programmer without a degree, but you need to structure a program in order to be successful.
In this class I will take you through what is necessary to become a programmer. I will cover:
  • The necessary concepts you need to master
  • The types of equipment you will need
  • Certifications that are available to entry level programmers and why they are important
  • The types of training that are available
  • How to look for a job
  • Interview tips and more
Along the way in this class I have put together some exercises that will help you put together your complete plan on how you can become a programmer. I have included some samples of various parts of the plan that can help you.
You can sign up for this class as part of our site-wide access sale for only $10. You can access this sale link here:
See you in class!