Friday, July 22, 2016

SalesForce as a Development Platform

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to talk about and specifically using SalesForce as a development platform. is one of the leading CRM packages in the market today and is totally cloud based and fits well into the Software as a Service model.  Over the years SalesForce has offered the ability to easily extend the site to add new capabilities.  
These capabilities have been supported over the last few years on SalesForce’s SalesForce One platform and the Apex programming language.  Apex is much like the Java language so it is straight forward for Java and C# programmers to pick up the syntax of the language.  Specifically Apex offers some of the following features:

·         Data manipulation language (DML) calls, such as INSERTUPDATE, and DELETE, that include built-in DmlExceptionhandling
·         Inline Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) queries that return lists of sObject records
·         Looping that allows for bulk processing of multiple records at a time
·         Locking syntax that prevents record update conflicts
·         Custom public API calls that can be built from stored Apex methods
·         Warnings and errors issued when a user tries to edit or delete a custom object or field that is referenced by Apex

When SalesForce began to support a robust programming model many companies and government agencies began to use SalesForce as an application development platform, not just a CRM package.  The ease of customization and the reuse of standard salesforce objects has in many cases accelerated the development of web based systems.

Recently SalesForce has released the new app cloud and Lightning platform.  With this new platform it allows developers to quickly develop applications that are mobile ready right out of the box.  These apps can be utilized in a browser, in a tablet or a mobile device.  Combining this with all of the built in standard objects and functionality, SalesForce offers a power development environment. You can read more about this here:

All of this has created a strong demand for SalesForce developers and administrators.  In many cities there is a severe shortage of these resources and consultants are commanding premium rates for this work.  Over the next few weeks I will be writing more about the SalesForce platform as well as publishing a FREE class on how to get started with SaleForce development. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Become a Programmer Without a Degree

Hello everyone,

Today I am writing about becoming a programmer without a degree. In today's economy programmers are in high demand and are typically very high paying jobs.  With the ever increasing cost of traditional 4 year colleges increasing, many people wonder if it is still worth it to get a degree? Particularly with some past high profile non-degree superstars such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the IT industry, is it still possible to succeed as a programmer without a degree?

I am currently putting a class around this topic and it will be out in a few weeks.  The class is called "How to be a Successful Programmer Without a Degree" and will cover some of the strategies to get the necessary training. According to US News the average salary for a programmer is $95,510.   Now this can vary widely in different specializations and geographic region, but the point is that this represents a well paying career for someone without a college degree. If it is possible to get this type of position without a four year Computer Science degree many people feel they are well ahead of the game.

The real question is are companies really hiring programmers that do not have a Computer Science Degree? in 2015 Stack Overflow took a survey of over 26,000 programmers and 48% of them did not have a computer science degree.  In order to get your first job however, it can be a significant challenge.  In the high pressure world of IT, managers do not hire people without skills and pay high salaries to programmers than can't produce results.  So how can programmers get these skills with a traditional computer science degree?  There are several methods out in the market today and I will look at then further in next week's post.  In the mean time, I included a short survey to find out from our readers how many of you are programmers that do or do not have a degree.  If you have any supporting comments please post those as well.

Are you a programmer with a college degree?

Yes I have a computer science degree or equivalent
No, but I have some college classes
No, but I attended a boot camp
No I am self trained
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Do you think a college degree is important for programmers?

Yes very important
Yes, but not as important as it used to be
No certification is more important
No it is not important at all
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

FREE Access to Software Development Classes Sitewide

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FREE Access to all of our Classes For One Year

We have decided to offer FREE site-wide access to all of our classes to help build up our site and get feedback from our students.  By signing up for this class you get full access to all of our courses for one year.  We have decided that this is the best model for us since we can concentrate on producing more classes and material (We Love this) and less on marketing (not as much fun). Currently our classes include the following:
  • Cloud Computing Development Essentials
  • Write and ASP .NET MVC Program in an Hour
  • Microsoft Development Essentials
  • Use Visual Studio 2015 Like a PRO
  • Quadcopter 101 (Out First Hobby Class 
We are working on more classes have plans for about one new class per month for the rest of the year. This offer is for a limited time only.

FREE Access to all of our Classes For One Year

P.S We would love to hear from you to get feedback.  Also if you like our material please forward to someone else who can benefit from this offer. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Visual Studio Now Includes Xamarin

Hello Everyone,
Now that Microsoft has acquired Xamarin, it will be included with Visual Studio at no additional cost. Xamarin will be included in every edition of Visual Studio including the community edition which is a free download for individual developers. With Xamarin you can develop apps for iOS, Android straight from Visual Studio using C#. This is a huge benefit for cross platform development. There is also a free version of Xamarin Studio Community Edition that developers can download for free. There is also a Mac version of this software as well for IOS users. You can download this software at the following link:
We are working on a Xamarin class for Visual Studio users so look for that notice in one of our upcoming newsletters. Check back at our website for more  information. Destin Learning Website

Growth in Cloud Computing Jobs

Hello Everyone!
Today I am writing about the job opportunities for Cloud Computing Jobs. The job market for those with Cloud Computing skills is very strong right now. Most new projects in major companies and government agencies are being initiated in the Cloud. This is creating a strong demand for those that have skills and certifications with Cloud Computing systems.
Some of the skills that are in strong demand are those of developers, IT architects, operations staff and security specialists. This is being fueled by some major companies that are moving their entire data centers to such services as Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. IT security specialists are in particularly high demand.
Although some of these jobs are located in high demand areas such as Seattle WA, there in a large distribution of jobs worldwide as cloud providers scale out their data centers to worldwide locations. In fact, Amazon has just located a facility here in my home town of Columbus, OH.
Probably the best news for IT professionals is the salary data for these positions. According to Forbes, the median salary for IT professionals in 2016 is $124,300. In addition, many companies are having difficulty filling these positions. Now is the perfect time to work on cloud computing skills and certifications while the demand for these positions is high. We are continuing to work on new classes and you will see more out from us in the coming months. See you in class!

Also be sure and check out our FREE class on Cloud Computing.  You can sign up here:
Introduction to Cloud Computing

Monday, July 4, 2016

The top 5 things you should know about ASP.NET core

Let me start with "A very happy 4th of July to all my friends"
If you guys happened to mozy along to the website recently, you would have noticed a new section "ASP.NET Core"
Well, what they heck is ASP.NET Core?
Was the ASP.NET we were using all along was just a 'light' version?
Or, has the ASP.NET started workouts focusing its mid section? You know.. Like core abdomen workouts ! Well never mind, I don’t think that joke panned out as well as I thought.
In continuation of our previous blog... (  about ASP.NET Core, here is more. 
Well, ASP.NET core is here and it is here to stay.
IMHO, Microsoft has ignored other OS and not ventured into other operating systems for far too long and ASP.NET core is MS's foray into creating web applications that runs on OS other than windows server.
Given the fact that 80% of the websites run on OS other than Microsoft, Microsoft has to create framework that plays well in other operating systems too.
Here is what is promised with ASP.NET core. Here is the announcement from Jeff Fritz, ASP.NET Program Manager ( )
His article is very detailed but I think we should focus on these top 5 things about ASP.NET Core. There are other things that are important in ASP.NET, but these are my top 5.
Below is the top 5 thing we need to know about ASP.NET Core.
  1. Open Source : ASP.NET core is open source and available to download from github( ).
  2. Its Cross platform - Same code runs on Wintel servers, Linux based servers or even a Mac!(but who does it? Really?).
  3. Fast - as in runtime is very quick to generate the same pages, check out what/how here,
  4. No dependency on System.Web, everything needed is downloadable from NuGet repositories.
  5. New light weight and modular HTTP request processor.
I plan on adding lot more info as I play around with ASP.NET core. Check back often.
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We are planning on adding a new introductory course to demonstrate ASP.Net core.
Remember, you get ALL our courses for just $10( that just a price of one lunch /w tips)
See you all in class.