Monday, June 27, 2016

ASP .NET Core 1.0

Hello Everyone,
Today Microsoft Officially Released ASP .NET Core 1.0 and matching extensions for Visual Studio. In case you have not heard about this, ASP .NET Core is an open source product that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. This is an exciting development for Microsoft developers that allows them the opportunity to move into the world of cross platform development. In addition, Microsoft also released Entity Framework Core 1.0 for data access. If you would like to get started with ASP .NET core you can check out the official web site here: We are also working on additions for new material for our ASP .NET. Microsoft Development Essentials and Visual Studio classes to address this new technology. So more later...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Visual Studio "15"

Hi Everyone, it looks like the next version of Visual Studio is on its way, but is only know as Visual Studio “15” at this point. (Not to be confused with the current version of Visual Studio 2015.) Microsoft has made a preview available and can be downloaded here:
Since this is a preview it is not supported, so please be sure and install this on a non production machine. From the documentation that Microsoft has released so far it looks like they are promising a much lighter weight and faster install process. That’s good news since installing the current Visual Studio 2015 product is a very time consuming process.
In reading the preview documentation it looks like there will be support for other languages such as Python, C++ and Unity. Perhaps Micorosoft is leveraging some of the capabilities from Visual Studio Code? There is also continued improvement for mobile application development particularly for Xamarin and Apache Cordova. Cordova is an open source package for cross platform mobile development. You can find more information on Cordova here:
Visual Studio “15” also include some improved tools for Office development and better support for SQL Azure databases. In my future blog posts I will take a deeper dive into some of these new features. When this reaches Beta I will include some new lectures in my class Microsoft Development Essentials. Thanks and I will see you in my next post.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cloud Computing

Hello again everyone and welcome to Destin Learning's Blog. Today I am writing about Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is one of the fastest growing areas of information technology today. As developers we need to be aware of where the market is with Cloud Computing since many of today's major projects started by companies and government agencies are being built in the cloud. In fact, it is predicted by 2020 Cloud Computing will cross the $270 billon mark. We offer several Cloud Computing classes here on this web site and one of them is a FREE starter class. If you have not gotten started with cloud computing, this is an excellent place to start. If you would like more information sign up below and you can get our FREE ebook on Cloud Computing for Developers. Click FREE for our ebook